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Our Weddings

Our weddings are meant to be Heartfelt yet Fun, we can accomodate from the shortest 10 minute ceremony to the most elaborate that will be customized just for you including what we call rituals such as the sand ceremony, wine ceremony, candle ceremony, etc...

Our Process

  • We have an initial meeting (in person or over the phone)

  • I go over all your questions and all my questions, get to know youa little bit.

  • Get to know what package you like to use.

  • Start a premilinary ceremony so you get an idea of how long your ceremony will take.


What I offer:


  • Not only am I a Non-Denominational Certified Officiant, but I'm also trilingual and with a vast knowledge in different cultures as well.

  • Aside from performing your ceremony, I will properly file your Marriage License with the correspondent county.

  • Ceremony Rehearsal is also available for a fee.

  • Also carry PA Systems and Microphones may you need it for your ceremony for an extra fee.

Are you interested?


Our Packages start at $175.00 for Elopements on weekdays and starting at $275.00 for more complete ceremonies.

Want more information please feel to visit

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